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Ometepe Island, Nicaragua


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General information about Moyogalpa

Moyogalpa is the second biggest, but most lively, town and municipality on Ometepe Island. It has an estimated 4000 thousand inhabitants and is the commercial center of the island. This small town hosts the islands main port, your gateway to paradise, and everyday between 6.00am and 5.30pm ferries and boats are crossing frequently between the docks of Moyogalpa and San Jorge, the dock on the mainland. Buses to all different locations on the island leave and arrive from 5am on until about 7pm. The future international airport of Ometepe will be located just 1,5km outside of Moyogalpa and will possibly start its operation during the next months.

In Moyogalpa you will find various types of accommodation businesses, some little shops, restaurants, small bars, ATM's and four banks, the only ones on Ometepe Island so far. Due to an increase in tourism the town seems to grow a little faster during the last years, including some infrastructural improvements, but still most people here earn their daily living with agriculture related jobs which gives the place its laid back atmosphere. Like everywhere else in Nicaragua the majority of the people living here are catholics and most Moyogalpinos are from indigenous descent, treating life on a slow island pace. So, please, bring your time...

You can find some of the Ometepe highlights like the Concepción volcano, Charco Verde, Punta de Jesús Maria, Chico Largo Canopy or to the newly opend springs at Río de Agua Frío close to Moyogalpa. The starting point of the hiking trail of Vulcano Concepción in La Concha can easily be accessed from Moyogalpa. Other destinations are good to get to by bike, motorbike or horses. In Moyogalpa you will also find enough transportation possibilities to start your day tours all around the island including the istmus between the vulcanoes, Volcano
Catholic church of Moyogalpa on Ometepe Island
Maderas, Ojo de Agua, San Ramon Waterfalls, Río Istíam Kayak Tours or Santo Domingo Beach. On main street Moyogalpa you will see different places renting out bikes and vehicles, tour guides offering their services. Just let us know and we will get you in touch with the most trustworthy and recommended providers. If you have any questions or you need information about activities or tours please have a look at our Ometepe Tours page.

Moyogalpa, Ometepe Island